Solitude Of The Human Hive - An Art Show by Grune Elefant


We’ve been around for a couple million years. But only in the last few millennia, have we made profound and irreversible changes in the way we live. The invention of complex social structures has been at the core of this revolution.  We interact like a hive, woven together with a fabric of commonality. And we're constantly connected with a multitude of people, many of whom we barely acquaint with.  

In 2017, there are no hermits. Yet, our hive doesn’t buzz. It merely reverberates with the shifting feet of the perpetually distracted, a people tuned into their bursting internal monologues.

‘Solitude Of The Human Hive’ is a journey through our social axes, affording interesting viewpoints as captured by 9 different artists. At the surface, it encompasses the simple experiences of nature and life. At its depths, it is an invitation to pause and enter a few frozen moments in time; to seek and find silence and solace in the midst of noise. Each viewer is left to validate her and his experience of being ‘alone together’ in this human hive we colonise. 

What resonates in our minds, manifests in our actions. And therein lies the future of our solitude & the human hive. With varied perspectives from artists Dnyaneshwar Jagadale, Emilie Moreau, Uma Krishnamoorthy, Srividya GS, Deepali Sarde, Girish Urkude, Rajendra Dagade, Sana Khan and Mark D’Cruz who have had well received shows in Mumbai, Indore, Tel Aviv, Madrid, Venice and Paris – this collaboration brings their work together in Bangalore from May 8- 14th at Gallery 1, Karnataka Chitrakala Parishath.

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