Arti Paliwal

In the pivot of time, human beings are an immaculate and essential part of nature. Nature, being the ultimate influencer, inspires us to act. This is the inspiration for Arti’s works, which are mainly social in context. They are a contemporary and symbolic narrative, reflective of day- to-day human emotions and expressions, making her works self-explanatory.

Arti enjoys observing people in different moods - their gestures, attitudes and feelings such as love and human bonding. This has been a primary inspiration that naturally flows into her art work. Thus her journey goes on with clay, since she feels that clay is the most sensitive and best medium to express the emotions of human life, with their different shades, plasticity and softness, as inherent as clay itself. 

With the passage of time, man himself is killing its peace and tranquillity of nature. Green jungles are being converted into concrete jungles. We need a break. Arti’s latest work hence took a turn toward the subject of concrete life, using forms like ‘tyres’, as a symbol of time and movement in a changing world. I have attempted to show that the man needs to take a break from the busy life. She has also used a ‘helmet’ form in her work underlining the concept of safety. A helmet guards a man’s skull. She has juxtaposed the two. Green nature working as a safety guard for a world quickly transforming into concrete. As we move forward in time, change is certain and will bring with it new concepts, forms and elements.  

Arti has a Master’s in painting from Banasthali Vidyapeeth, Rajasthan, India and a CCD Pottery certification course in Terracotta and Glazed Pottery from IGNOU, New Delhi, India.

She is the receipt of numerous awards in the field of arts over the years, more recently –

  • 2015 Lakshmi Singh Rajput State Award (Madhya Pradesh),
  • 2nd at the 2013 18th All India Aifacs ceramic pottery exhibition, New Delhi.
  • 2012, 85th annual exhibition Aifacs, New Delhi
  • 2012 Raza award M.P.

She was also awarded Junior Research Fellowship by the ministry of culture in 2011.

 Arti’s works have featured in over 30 exhibitions across India and overseas.


Arti's Collection:

Landscape Concretia Life Phases: Settlers Life Phases: Twilight Nature's Churn Reclining on Green Speed Love Terra Concretia 1 Terra Concretia 2