Chandrashekharayya Hiremath

A portrait photograph of Chandrashekharayya Hiremath

Chandrashekharayya Shiddayya Hiremath, fondly known as ‘Chandru’, took an interest in painting very early in his childhood. Over the course of time he was inspired by his art teacher at school, who was very appreciative and encouraging of his work. He quickly developed his unique style of depicting characters and landscapes on canvas, pursued his passion, and went on to complete his MFA in 2006.

Being a humble son of the soil and completely in tune with the agrarian environment - the village, festivals, rituals, fairs, traditions & practices - all of these influenced and make a significant contribution to Chandru’s works.  His paintings are deeply inspired by the bucolic life, and over a period of time developed a style that he truly believes has blossomed through his incessant exposure to this environment. His repertoire mainly consists of miniatures and creative landscapes, and also extends to other forms of depiction.

Chandru received a Gold Medal for being adjudged the Best Student at Vijay Kala Mandir, Gadag (Sponsored by Indian Art Group, Hubli in 2003), and has exhibited his paintings at various forums. Below are some of his notable exhibitions and accolades.

  • Souvenir, 65th Annual National Conference of the India Psychiatric Society, Bangalore (ANCIPS). 2013
  • Srusti Art Gallery, Bangalore. 2011 (State Level award recipient)
  • Chitrakala Parishath, Bangalore. 2005 & 2011 
  • John’s Medical College, Bangalore. 2008 – 2009
  • Karnataka Lalitkala Academy. 2009
  • Royal Academy, Gulbarga. 2006 & 2009

Chandrashekharayya's Collection:

Buddha CSH0010 Buddha CSH01 Buddha CSH02 Krishna & His Tunes CSH002 Krishna & His Tunes CSH003 Lotus CSH01 Lotus CSH02 Lotus CSH03