Kuneesha Mirzan

 Kuneesha Mirzan

Kuneesha MIrzan is the recipient of the Royal Shield Award, Karnataka Association (2005), and has participated in several solo and group art shows across India. She has been active in promoting art for a cause with notable organisations like CRY and Concern India. Her work has also been featured repeatedly in the media.

Kuneesha’s interest in art and its expressions has its roots in early childhood, where she clearly recalls her first attempt to draw a parrot in a cage. That was the start of her journey. Born and brought up in Mumbai, she completed her B.A in Psychology from St. Xavier's and went on to pursue Fine Arts, from The L.S. Raheja School of Art. Her earlier works were representational with a radical shift towards abstract expressionism going from smaller works to fairly larger canvases.

A dramatic influence in colour and expression has been from the great master Vincent Van Gogh, and the opportunity she has had to work with slow learners and differently abled children. While their need to express was unlimited, their verbal language was limited. It is here she understood that emotions of love, peace, anger, or an evolutionary phase of spirituality, all have a dialogue of abstract representation in the play of colour, shape and form.

Kuneesha’s art practice started primarily with the concept of layering and heavy texturing, where she set out in a style to capture moods, emotions and visions, as one had just a mere glimpse of it. The large canvases enhances the sense of freedom and the colours are bold and vibrant. All canvases have delicate fleeting flowers representing the common thread of humanity, the bond of spirituality and the fleeting army of thoughts that entertain us all.
“The course of life is something we all have to endure, the journey is pure, and the end is for sure”.

Below are a select few of Kuneesha’s exhibitions and media mentions –

Las Impressiones, Mumbai (2015)
Colours, Mumbai (2005, 2008, 2009, 2014)
Lovers World, Mumbai (2011) Concern India, Mumbai (2006, 2007)  
Kaleidoscope, Mumbai; Symphony, Mumbai (2006)
Artland, Mumbai (2005, 2006)
A Dialogue with My Country at Pradarshak, Mumbai (2005)
​​Reflections of India at Art Entrance, Mumbai (2004) Devotion at Pradarshak, Mumbai (2002)

Newspaper Publications
The Money Life Magazine, The Art of Living (June 07, 2006)
Bombay Times (May 30, 2006; Sep 10 & Oct 21, 2005)
The Indian Express (Dec 23, 2005)
mid-day (May 03, 2004 & Oct 30, 2003)

Kuneesha's Collection:

BRAHMA The Creator MAHESHWARI The Destroyer Tapestry of Thoughts The Fold The Folded Rainbow Through The Window VISHNU The Maintainer