Neena Shenoi

Art to Neena is a blessing, a passion, and her favourite language.

It reconnects with the child in her, exploring the universe within herself, revealing new dimensions and possibilities. This passion, cherished through childhood, nurtured by parents, and ever growing, is now capable of igniting the hearts and imagination of art lovers across genres.

Her preference above all, lies in manifestations of nature, with the central theme often revolving around ‘woman and her emotions’. Located in Bangalore, India, her connect with the Karnataka Chitrakala Parishath academy has nourished and enriched her experience. Neena fuels her learning by actively networking with art experts and like minded individuals. Always aspiring to do more, she seeks to collaborate and find value in all her endeavours.

She is a firm believer in self evolution through time and experience - always innovating and refining art, as life unravels new opportunities along her path.

Neena's Collection:

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