Rajendra Dagade

Rajendra Dagade

Rajendra is a talented artist hailing from the outskirts of Mumbai. The open country and its soulful life has had a tremendous influence on his work through the years. Rajendra’s work depicts the everyday activities of rural life. His characteristic style and brush strokes bring out both facets, the serenity of the landscape and the everyday chores in the life of rural India.

As a senior committee member of Art Plaza, Mumbai, Rajendra has been actively involved with promoting the work of young artists in the city for several years. He lives by the maxim that a simple act of caring creates an endless ripple…

Rajendra's artwork continues to be displayed at several solo and group art shows across India.

Select Solo & Group Exhibitions:
Nehru Centre Art Gallery, New Delhi (2014, 2007)
Leela Art Gallery, Mumbai (2009)
Bombay Art Society Of India, Mumbai (2015, 2012)
Fusion 2014, 2012, Nehru Art Centre

Rajendra's Collection:

Shepherdess Shepherds The Flower Seller The Plougher