Rishika Kumari

Rishika graduated from the College of Art, Delhi in 2015. Her artwork is primarily based on her experiences of daily life. The people around her, the little moments that remain etched in her mind’s eye, and the emotions these evoke are what pours forth onto her canvas. To this she adds a comic touch, making her paintings seem dynamic and alive.

She likes to keep it simple in her application of paint and the use of lines. Rishika has this ability to effortlessly blend reality and imagination, sometimes creating compositions that are almost dreamlike in their texture.  It’s a world perceived through her eyes, with the simplicity of colours and the use of figures created in her mind, inspired by everyday people. She is also drawn to portraiture as it allows her to capture the subtle emotions of her subjects.

Rishika makes her debut with us, and we are excited about showcasing her work to the world for the very first time!

Rishika's Collection:

Assortment Genesis Room Room II Roots