Sacha Greenwood

Sacha Greenwood

Sacha is a highly talented self taught artist from Bangalore. His studio has always been a breeding ground for innovative and experimental art. When he isn't creating art, he can be found cruising down life's highways and back alleys on his bike, exploring nature, soaking in her unbound beauty and drawing inspiration from her.

Sacha has a flair for spontaneous and intense abstract art. His bold strokes and vivid splashes of colour seem to mirror his attitude and passion for a life on his own terms. He is also a photographer par excellence, capturing and immortalizing the simple everyday pleasures of life.  

Always looking to expand his horizons, Sacha has recently launched his own brand of designer furniture as well.  


Sacha's Collection:

I Wish (the fisherman's son) India Long Ways Home 1 Long Ways Home 2 Nomad Qualia Remains Of The Day Remains Of The Day 2