Srividya G S

As a watercolour artist, Srividya realised that the medium opened a whole new world for her. Having studied BFA at CAVA Mysore, followed by a MFA at Chitrakala Parishad Bangalore, she came to value and cherish watercolours even more. Her education introduced her to other mediums and forms of art as well, some of which she practices even today, like charcoal and dry pastels. While these mediums have their own complexities, they are vastly different from watercolour in their application, manner and style.

Watercolour by its very nature, is deeply intricate and time consuming. Perhaps the most interesting aspect about this medium is its definitiveness. There is no scope for a second chance with watercolours. This sort of challenge while daunting, at a deeper level, is also exciting and exhilarating. What stimulates her about this medium is its absolute spontaneity; its demand for accuracy and quickness. An ultimate test of her skills.

Srividya is a spontaneous artist. She rarely has a picture of a finished artwork in her mind when she starts painting.  Her paintings evolve as colours and water flow on paper. In a sense, they reflect her mood and state of mind at that particular moment in time.

The medium is best suited for the subjects she chooses to paint. Nature, flowers and landscapes form the main centre of her work. She is also drawn to a freestyle approach, wet-on-wet watercolours, enabling her to capture spontaneous and fleeting emotions which she believes are deeper and richer than what other mediums offer.

Her subjects are very Indian in nature, and she constantly seeks the kind of freshness in her work that watercolours afford her. She also seeks simplicity and clarity. And believes that a combination of freshness, simplicity and a touch of the abstract, places her work in the contemporary realm.

Srividya’s work has been displayed extensively through several solo and group exhibitions. Listed below are a select few:

Solo Exhibitions
  • AIFACS, Delhi Feb 2016
  • Quill & Canvas, Gurgaon 2012
  • Vinnyasa Premier Art Gallery, Chennai in December 2010
  • July 2010 & May 2009 at “Time and Space” art gallery, Bangalore.
  • November 2009 at “Serenity” in Bangalore.
  • April 2008 in a place called Kadambari’ in Mysore.
 Group Exhibitions
  • AIFACS, Delhi Jan, Feb & Oct 2015
  • Swasti, Bangalore May 2015
  • Vinnyasa, Chennai May-Jun 2015
  • Varsha, HCG Centre, Bangalore. Dec 2014
  • India Habitat Centre, Delhi (by Art Mall) June 2014
  • UAF (United art fair), Delhi, 2012

Srividya's Collection:

Amaltas Bauhinia Frangipani Gulmohar Gulmohar 2 Jacaranda Jacaranda Nandi Battalu