Sucheta Ghadge

Sucheta Ghadge

A person, regardless of whether he dwells in a house, village, city or a country has his own way of acknowledging things, and thus perspective eventually differs. Scribbling and doodling on walls is probably something we all did as children. Every doodle provides its own form of satisfaction and achievement to a child, but as adults we tend to overlook it and not consider it to be a work of an art.

At an early age, and under the guidance of her parents, Sucheta learnt that the more one tries to connect with an art, the more likely one is able to understand its concept. Her rural culture has been an important aspect, and has had a tremendous influence in her life. Experiences from an impressionable rural childhood have remained deeply ingrained in her mind, and the fragrances of those memories are always imminent in her life in the city today.

Different cultures and lifestyles have always interested her and she is especially impressed with tribal cultures and their daily lives. Sucheta believes that living is also an art, and does not see a difference between society, nature, artwork and herself. She hence does not feel the need to express herself in any other way.

Sucheta aspires to depict the beauty, balance and rhythm that is created in nature, in her Prints. She studies elements such as the sun rays and shadows, reflection in water, transparencies which seem defined by nature and considered inorganic, and how they interact with the more visible organic nature, such as plants, trees, animals and people.

Sucheta holds a Bachelors in Fine Arts in Painting and Printmaking from Bharati Vidyapeeth, Pune and a Diploma in Art Education from Sir J.J. School of Art Mumbai. She is currently pursuing a Masters in Fine Arts Printmaking at Sir J.J. School of Art, Mumbai.

Sucheta is also the recipient of numerous awards such as –

  • Ministry of Culture India (Scholarship 2008)
  • Bombay Art Society, Mumbai (2010)
  • Lalit Kala Akademi Scholarship (Regional Centre Chennai 2011)
  • State Art Award, Maharashtra (2013)
  • Art Society of India (2013)
  • JJ Teachers Award, Sir J.J. School of Art, Mumbai (2015)

Her works have been displays in several exhibitions over the years in India and overseas, including Jehangir Art Gallery, Mumbai, the Biennale at Pune, and Mini Print Biennale at Goa in early 2015.

Sucheta's Collection:

August Gods Own Land Infinity - River Never Flows Alone 01 Infinity - River Never Flows Alone 02 Infinity - River Never Flows Alone 03 July I July II No Frequency II