Surekha Sreejith

Surekha, as a fine artist, has always experimented with colours and thoughts. She has carefully nurtured her irrepressible urge to give expression to her creative imperatives, and her paintings are renderings of her passions. Born in Tellicherry and having spent her formative years in Ooty in the Nilgiris, she dabbled in painting and sketching during her school and college days, winning several prizes and awards through the years. She discovered her true calling with the guidance of her preceptors at The School Of Arts, Tellicherry.

She was, till recently, the head designer of a reputed chain of jewellers in Kerala; her métier is vast and spans over 3000 jewellery designs, many of which have won international approbation and recognition. Her paintings have a sense of depth and rhythm which only comes when the heart is full of music and movement. Her sense of hues and tones and her translation of inner desires into strokes, produces compelling images and makes for a visual and visceral treat. Her favourite medium is acrylic on canvas, but she also dabbles in pen-and-ink drawings and other media.

Surekha has held several shows across South India over the last 5 years and her paintings now adorn the walls of appreciative collectors across the US, Europe, UAE and Australia. Her evolving style, her eye for colour and detail, her ability to capture the spirit of everyday sights and turn them into something pristine, have all come in for great appreciation from peers and art critics alike.

Some of Surekha’s more recent exhibitions are  -

  • Impasto - A group show at Art Houz Coimbatore. April - May 2017
  • Tri-butaries - A group show at Karnataka Chirtrakala Parishath - January 2017
  • Prerna - A solo show at Kerala Lalithakala Akademy, Thalassery - 2016
  • Participated in a group show at Kerala Lalithakala Akademy, Thalassery - 2015
  • State Exhibition - Selected entry at the Kerala Lalithakala Akademy of Art - 2014
  • Tri-butaries Sequel - A group show at the Kerala Lalithakala Akademy, Durbar Hall Art Centre, Cochin - 2013.
  • The Tri-butaries - A group show at the Labernum & Indigo Art Gallery, Chennai - 2012

Surekha's Collection:

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