Yogesh Aadkine

 Art always leads an individual to ponder deeply about a particular subject. It merges completely with one’s thoughts and stimulates the very process of thinking. Thoughts vary with situations. An individual is never fully satisfied with his life, and hence thoughts change frequently with emotions and expectations. Art stimulates thought, thoughts lead to imagination, and imagination creates art that can be a masterpiece.

But thoughts can manipulate and influence an individual both positively and negatively. A glass of water, for example, may be considered as half full, or half empty. Yogesh’s printmaking and paintings deal with the play between such positive and negative thoughts. His compositions are pure portrayals of his first, spontaneous thoughts as they occur – without allowing a second thought to intrude, thus producing expressions in their purest form.

Yogesh has a Masters in Fine Art, and is the recipient of several National and International awards over the years. Some of his notable achievements are –

2015 - 74thAll India Art Exhibition, Hyderabad Art Society, Hyderabad
2014 - Indian Royal Academy Awards, Gulbarga, Karnataka
2014 - 09- 27th, 22ndAll India Lokmanya Tilak Art Exhibition, Pune, M.S
2013 - “Rashtriya Abhyudaya Sanman”, KalavartNyas, Ujjain.
2011 - SCZCC, Nagpur. (Portrait)
2014 - HKOP Merit Award Winner Hong Kong Open Printshop, Hong Kong.
2014 - Special Award, “Poetry, Music from the Heart”, 7th International Ex Libris Bodio Lomnago, Italy.

He has also participated in numerous exhibitions across the world, notably –

2013 - 4thGuanlan International Print Biennial, China.
2012 - International Print Triennial Krakow, Poland.
2012 - International Print Triennial Falun, Sweden.
2010 - 2nd Penang International Print Exhibition, Malaysia.
2010 - 5th International Competition Exhibition Mini Print and Ex Libris, Italy
2014 - CIMA Awards, CIMA Art Gallery, Kolkata.
2014 - 13, 10, 09- AIFACS, New Delhi.
2014 - 08- Bombay Art Society, Mumbai
2014 - 12- 55th, 54th National Exhibition Art, Lalit Kala Akademi, New Delhi
2014 - 13, 10, 08 - Art Society of India, Mumbai.

Yogesh's Collection:

Couple Day Dreamer Hidden Arrow I'm Hooked Me, My Girlfriend & Her Father Rainy Days Sweetness on Edge Wind Through My Tree