Brown Fish Owl
Brown Fish Owl

Geeta Balasubramanian

Medium: Pencil on light yellow card paper

Size: 7.5 x 11 inches

Year: June 2014

The Hindus consider the owl to be the Vahaana(mount) of Goddess Laxmi. Sadly, owls are in serious danger in India due to rampant illegal trade in living specimens and their body parts that are falsely considered to have medicinal and occult healing properties.

People fail to realize that owls are one of nature's best pest erradicators which keep a check on the ever increasing rodent population. Increase in rodent population directly affects crop produce, causes rise in disease and plague.

The Brown Fish Owl is widely distributed in India. Unlike their counterparts, the Brown Fish Owl is evolved and adapted to prey on fish. This owl is mainly found near water reservoirs. It was a complete joy for me to bring this amazing bird alive on paper!

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