About Us

Grüne Elefant Art was founded on a vision of providing upcoming and established artists a worldwide platform to promote and sell their artwork online, and at scheduled exhibitions and events. The online gallery showcases original contemporary art, including paintings, photography, sculptures and installations.

At Grüne Elefant, we believe that the fundamentals of talent and potential reside in every artist, and that every work of art bears testimony to this. The fact that only a handful of the few million artists in the world actually receive the appreciation and success they dream of, provides us the privilege and responsibility to endorse and champion their work.

Not only do we provide art connoisseurs across the world access to some of the finest contemporary art, we also ensure from time to time, that we do so for a cause. Our gallery periodically liaises with organisations to support social causes through the sale of our artwork. It’s what we believe in, and what gives us and our artists an unparalleled sense of contentment and purpose.

We hope that your participation in this endeavour with us will be as satisfying and rewarding.


Mark D’Cruz is an entrepreneur who comes full circle with his venture Grüne Elefant Art. With a Masters’ in Business Administration, Mark began his career in the engineering industry and gained considerable experience in the areas of marketing and human resources across diverse work assignments, spanning 17 years. He is also an alumnus of the Sotheby's Institute of Art, having studied art valuation and art as a global business. 

Following his passion through the years for art, both as an artist and art aficionado, Mark founded Grüne Elefant Art with the single minded goal of bridging artists and art connoisseurs worldwide.

His gallery also provides art workshops and advises clients and prospective buyers on art valuation, investment opportunities and market trends in the art world.