Buyer's FAQ


To own a piece of art is to ascribe to a lifestyle. For the true art connoisseur, it is an unbridled passion. Your choice of art says a lot about you. It defines you and offers glimpses into your unique style and persona. We are glad to see you here, dear art connoisseur, and it is our sincere endeavour to make your purchase an experience that you enjoy and want to revisit. 

We hope you will find the information below useful. Do contact us should you require any further assistance or information. 

How do I place my order?

Buying an artwork on Grüne Elefant Art is simple. Once you’ve identified the artwork you’d like to purchase: 

  1. Click on the ‘Add To Cart’ button 
  2. Proceed to ‘Check Out’ (at this point you have an option to continue shopping or confirm checkout) Create an account with us (an account is required for completing your purchase)
  3. Provide your Shipping & Billing details.
  4. Place your order. On successfully placing your order, you will receive a confirmation mail from us on your registered email address.

Our payment gateway accepts Credit Card, Debit Card and Net Banking. If you have a question regarding payments, please email us at or call us on +91 9945560130.

What does Grüne Elefant Art guarantee?

We guarantee the sale of original art. 

All original artwork sold by us come with an Authenticity Certificate signed by the artist. Open or limited edition prints are not classified as original art and hence are not accompanied by an Authenticity Certificate. If you are purchasing a re-sale original artwork, the re-seller or gallery selling the work provides Grüne Elefant Art with an authenticity certificate or the provenance of the artwork. For more information, please refer our Terms and Conditions.

How long will it take for my order to be delivered?

Your order will typically be shipped within 7 - 10 working days of it being successfully placed. Delivery periods are usually quicker for shipments within India, while international orders (including shipment of artworks from overseas into India) may require up to 2 weeks to deliver. You will receive a shipping confirmation once your order ships, and will be able to track your shipment via a tracking number.

What kind of packing can I expect for my order shipment? 

Our artwork is usually packed in an unframed, rolled condition with adequate protective wrap, and shipped in protective cylinders. This is the standard shipping mode employed unless expressly specified otherwise at the time of purchase. Framed artwork is packed in suitable protective wrap and shipped in custom made cardboard boxes or wooden crates. We do not recommend the shipment of glass framed artwork and while every precaution is taken while packing, we cannot provide a guarantee for the glass. Sculptures are provided with multi-layered packing protection and shipped in cardboard boxes or wooden crates.

Will the real artwork look the same as its image on the website?

We have taken great care to ensure that the images uploaded on the website are as close to the original physical artwork as possible. There may rarely however be slight variations in shade and colour between the physical artwork and its digital image, since the artwork is mostly photographed and shared with us by the artist. Do keep in mind that factors such as the amount of light exposure, the mount and frame used, the actual size of the original artwork and the type of camera and technology used to photograph the art, are all factors in determining the quality of the image. More often than not, the actual artwork usually is more attractive in real life. 

What is Grüne Elefant Art’s return and refund policy?

If you have received your order in a damaged or spoilt condition, kindly contact us immediately at or call us on +91 9945560130. In such a case, you may be eligible for a refund or be issued a credit note in accordance with the terms of our Return and Refund Policy.

 What next?

Congratulations! If you’ve purchased your artwork knowing exactly how and where you intend to display it, then you are all set. Your artwork can afford you a lifetime of pleasure and contentment if displayed appropriately and cared for over time. Should the artist rise to prominence, you may even see a significant appreciation in the value of the artwork. With a keen eye and a little luck, you may well be on your way to being regarded as an established art connoisseur and cognoscenti, having spotted great talent years ahead of your contemporaries. Good luck with your art collection, and enjoy your invaluable purchase!

Should you require a few pointers on how to go about setting up your artwork, here are a few tips to help you on your way:

  1. Ambience and settings can greatly enhance or diminish the aesthetics and mood of an artwork. Choose your settings carefully and ensure that walls, furniture and surroundings improve the visual appeal of the artwork. An uncluttered and simple background provides minimum distractions. 
  2. Choosing a frame is tricky. A well chosen frame can significantly increase the overall impact of an artwork. A poorly chosen one can have a disastrous effect, sometimes rendering the artwork as banal or worse, incongruous. As a rule, very large artworks look better with imposing, sturdy frames. Reserve the sleek, thin frames for smaller works. Colour, material, texture and design  of the frame are critical in achieving fluidity or striking contrast (as may be desired) between the artwork and its surroundings.
  3. Paintings are best viewed at eye level or slightly above it, and from a distance of at least 3 feet or more. Sculptures, depending on their size, are best viewed slightly below the eye level. Free standing large sculptures should ideally be placed on low pedestals for viewers to fully appreciate the space and attention they command.
  4. Artworks on canvas are best framed without glass, while those created on paper are always framed with a suitable mount and glass. 
  5. Lighting is a significant aspect of installation, and an appropriately placed spotlight can do wonders for visual appeal and detail. However, do keep in mind that direct sunlight and excess moisture can cause irreparable damage to an artwork over time.

Starting your art collection but unsure how and where to begin?

Need advise on expanding or reselling your existing art collection? 

Searching for an art consultant to help you design your space?

Looking to commission bespoke artwork? 

Email us at or call us on +91 9945560130 for a free art consultation. We’d love to hear from you!