Artist's Corner

Grüne Elefant Art is founded on the vision of providing upcoming and established artists a platform for showcasing their artwork. At Grüne, we believe that potential and talent are pervasive attributes of almost every artist, and that every work of art bears testimony to this. However, only a fraction of the few million artists in the world today actually live to attain the success they strive for.  It is our endeavour to endorse and champion these talented artists across the world. And if you are such an artist, regardless of where you reside in the world, we’d love to work with you.

How do you join us? Its simple. Email images of at least 5 recent original artworks of yours to along with their details (including title, medium, size and year of creation) Your artwork will be screened by our panel of curators, and we will intimate you if you are selected shortly thereafter. Evaluation and final selection is combination of several factors -including but not limited to - creativity, quality, originality, aesthetics and suitability. Since image quality is critical at this stage, please ensure the images submitted are high resolution, clear, well captured and free of any distortions. Browsing through the artwork already available on our website will give you a fair idea of what is acceptable to us. 

Once selected, you will be guided through a simple signing up process by our support team. We register artists for the sale of their original art, and sometimes provide them the option to offer digital prints of their artwork as well. Pricing is done on a mutually agreed basis. You will receive detailed guidelines from us on the end-to-end process of a sale - from order confirmation to packing, delivery and payment, so rest assured that your experience with us will be simple, hassle-free and enjoyable.

Being registered as an artist with Grüne ensures that you periodically enjoy the benefits of various marketing, PR and social media campaigns that we undertake. You will also have the opportunity to participate in exhibitions and events that we organise or choose to be a part of. We like to experiment as we grow, and our core team is always looking for innovative ways to promote your art. So look sharp, and partner with us on this exciting journey as we consolidate our space in the international art market!

We also look to liaison with art consultants, critics and bloggers with a pulse on the global art scene.  

Questions about working with us? Write to us at