Geeta Balasubramanian

Geeta works primarily with graphite, charcoal and soft/dry pastels mediums. Most of her works revolve around her primary passion-Nature & Wildlife. Her landscapes showcase peaceful, serene surroundings that people always yearn to travel to. She endeavours to rekindle the feeling of "Living in harmony with nature" through her works. Nature nurtures as well destroys, it works in wonderful ways and sometimes in harsh ways.... but all towards one goal - 'Achieving balance in the world'. Geeta believes it should be for our own selfish motive and for the continuation of our species, that we should learn to respect nature, stop exploiting it and live in harmony with every living thing on the planet.

Geeta was born and brought up in Mumbai, and has always been passionate about nature. As she progressed through school and college, the pressure to excel in academics did not leave her much time for art, and the pencils and charcoals were side lined - but only for a while. With a Post Graduation in Computer Science, an early career stint as a lecturer in reputed colleges in Mumbai, followed by a stint in the IT industry as a technologist, gave her success and experiences to cherish for a lifetime.

Finally, Geeta is back to her drawing board, creating stunning art after almost a decade. She also loved to travel, and has been fortunate enough to visit some of the most beautiful Sanctuaries and National Parks in India. This passion for art slowly turned into a profession, when she exhibited her works at art shows and received praise from fellow professional artists and art collectors.


'SPEKTRUM' A Group Show, West 10 Art Gallery, Navi Mumbai. April 2016.


Geeta's Collection:

Asiatic Lion Cub Waterfalls