Girish Urkude

Girish Urkude

Girish is a spirited artist from the heartland of India, Maharastra. He is as passionate about art as he is about nature, and nature is a pivotal theme in his artwork. The wind and sea shape mountains. Fire releases energy. Girish finds creativity in all things natural and is drawn and fascinated by the power that it wields.

Girish believes that nature is a huge leveller and brings peace and tranquillity through her immense power. His artwork seems to touch the very depths of this great power, appealing to the basest of instincts and depicting the very origins of life. 

Girish holds a Masters of Fine Art in Graphics from Sir J.J. School of Art, Mumbai. He is the recipient of several awards including –

85th Annual All India Art Exhibition, AIFACS Delhi (2012)
25th All India Art Contest (S.C.Z.C.C.) Nagpur (2011)
84th Annual all India Art exhibition AIFACS Delhi (2011)
1st Award Aranya Reflection of Another Day (rad), Kolkata (2011)
Bombay Art Society Bronze Medal, Mumbai (2011)

Some of his recent notable group shows include –

Regional Art Exhibition, Lalit Kala Akademi, Chennai (2013)
Samay Art Exhibition, Lalit Kala Akademi, Bhuvneshavar (2013)
Auguries 2ed, JJXXI, India Art Festival, Mumbai (2012)
Nijh World Society, Presents ‘’PAINT FOR JUSTICE’’, AIFACS, New Delhi (2012)
“Mile Stone”, Faculty of Fine Art, M. S. University, Baroda (2012)
“Colours of Malawa”, Saral Art Gallery, Bhopal (2012)

Girish's Collection:

Prakriti Ke Hastakshar - 1 (Nature's Signature - 1) Prakriti Ke Hastakshar - 2 (Nature's Signature - 2) Prakriti Ke Hastakshar - 3 (Nature's Signature - 3) Prakriti Ke Hastakshar - 4 (Nature's Signature - 4) Prakriti Ke Hastakshar - 5 (Nature's Signature - 5) Prakriti Ke Hastakshar - 6 (Nature's Signature - 6) Prakriti Ke Hastakshar - 7 (Nature's Signature - 7) Prakriti Ke Hastakshar - 8 (Nature's Signature - 8)